Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Start blogging

Start blogging my manager said, 2 years ago. That is good for your "career". But I didn't think I had anything to add that couldn't be found anywhere else.
But then lately I had to find out some stuff that wasn't written in any of the manuals. Mind you, no rocket science or brain surgery, but it would be convenient if I could have done the work using a sample.
So I can start working on my "career" from today.
On this blog you should expect stuff which isn't already written in the manual (at the time of writing is my techie addition).
It could be somebody else is writing it down in another blog at the same moment though, this is my next nerdy addition to my own rule. But the web doesn't have any tools yet to prevent this redundancy, possibly in a semantic web all is normalized.

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