Thursday, 6 May 2010

Oracle Identity Manager or SUN Identity Manager

The Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) is a central product in the Oracle identity Management suite. It survived the merger with the SUN Identity Management suite which had a product doing similar things. The "core" task of OIM is the provisioning and de-provisining of account and entitlements to different applications, databases, ldap servers and other kinds of servers.
It has alot of functionality "around this" core functionality like self service account management, password resets, compliance auditing reporting, workflow etc.
For a number of people it was surprising the Oracle Identity Manager won the "battle" over the Sun product. This expectation was mainly because the idea/feeling that the Sun product was easier to use. But Oracle product development will not have had a biase for its "own" products, it saw that OIM has much more functionality and capabilities that the SUN product.
What needs to be done is make the OIM easier to use. Off course that will all be resolved in the next version 11g of the OIM :-), a rule that is true for all Oracle products. But until that time, and possibly even after, we will have to live with the issues in the current versions.
The biggest reason the OIM product is perceived not easy to use is because of the number of undocumented or not clearly documented features and functionalities of the OIM.
There are a number of good blog post and Oracle Metalink Notes on OIM functionality. In the coming posts I would like to shine my light on the way processes and actions are triggered in OIM.

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