Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Trigger Happy Oracle Identity Manager - Part 5 - Trigger a task on another resource object

This is the fourth way to trigger a task in the Oracle Identity Manager (OIM).
Previous triggers and event generators have been discussed in post one, post two and post three.

In the previous (#4) post I explained how a task on the same resource object can be triggered after a task has finished with a certain response code. It is also possible to trigger a task on another resource object. This can be done by having the task on the first resource object set a User Defined Field value in the User object. The change of that field would trigger the lookup.usr_trigger explained in post . The task to be triggered for the second resource object would then automatically triggered. Because the exact task name defined in the lookup.usr_trigger is triggered in all resource object proces definitions that have this task defined.
It should be noted that the definition of the decode name in the lookup table must be exact the name of the task(s) to be triggered.

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