Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Trigger Happy Oracle Identity Manager - Part 4 - Trigger a task on the same Resource Object process definition

This is the fourth way to trigger a task in the Oracle Identity Manager (OIM).
Previous triggers and event generators have been discussed in post one, post two and post three.

Suppose one tasks ends and one would want to start another task. A ugly and not very structured way would be to add the second task to the first task. Much more elegant is to trigger the second task after the first task is finished.
This can be defined in the responses tab of the process task definition. In that tab the response codes are set, but also based on the response codes the next task (of that resource object to be started.)

But it is also possible to trigger a task after another task has failed or half succeeded all depending on the response of the first task.
One must of course make sure there is no circular chain of tasks being triggered, because that would hangup the OIM.

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